The Guggenheim Grotto – Portmarnock Beach Boy Blue chords

Capo fret 5

C G A C G A CI'm missing you, swimming nude.
C G A C G A CI'm frozen through, Portmarnock Beach Boy Blue.
C G A C Pretty drunk I'm pretty young
C G A CPretty sea salt on my tongue.
C G A I'v got a black bag of wool in my head.
C G A CI,v got a fist full of song in my chest.
C G A You know the sky bleeds blue not red.
C G A CIt fills the sea like a vein from crest to crest
G A CPretty drunk I'm pretty young
G A CPretty sea salt on my tongue
G A CSliver life boy, Sliver sun
G A C Sliver sea salt, on my tongue
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