The Guggenheim Grotto - Fee Da Da Dee chords

Capo fret 3
C I can,t direct the universe
AmI can,t pull of the road and take a rest
C I can,t go on for ever more
AmI can,t refuse the weight of intellect
C I can,t avoid the hands of time
AmI wish your touch was of a softer kind
C And if the world decides to melt,
Am There,s nothing I can do to change your mind
C(Fee Da Da Dee)
And me and me I think I'm getting it
Am(Fee Da Da Doh)
our heads are a haunt for alphabets
C(Fee Da Da Dee)
Our hearts are tigers chasing tigernes
Am(Fee Da Da Doh)
And me and me I think I'm getting it.
CTip your hat to the willow tree
AmResigned to what it can and cannot be X2
C AmAll you dreamers wishing for tomorrow
C Am'Life is elsewhere' only brings you sorrow
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