The Gun Club - Port Of Souls tab

From the album ‘Mother Juno’
Tabbed by: Jay Rangdale

Tuning: Standard

Port of Souls is one of my favourite ‘late era’ Gun Club songs. It’s pretty 
straightforward too! It’s easiest to play all the rhythm guitar using a standard e-
major shape barre-chord. 
I’ve lifted the lyrics from Jeffrey-Lee’s autobiography ‘Go Tell the Mountain’.


A E G E Run Molly run, your hills are on fire A E G E Why don’t you go downtown, and get it on the wire? Bridge: BB, F#F#, G#G# A E G E Now, easy street, can sure get you laid A E G E Doesn’t matter what you’ve done, and you get paid EE, EE E B C# In the Port of Souls A E B C#C# B AAA In the Port of Souls Lead break over chorus:
Rhythm gtr: E E E A A A E E E C# A Ee|------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|--------7—----------------7-----------------7—--------------------------|D|----7-9---------------7-9---7-7-7-------7-9---------------7----------7--|A|7-9-------7-7-7---7-9---------------7-9-------7-7-7---7-9---9-7-6------7|E|-------------------------------------------------------------------9----|
B C#A E B Ae|------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|--------7---9-7---------------------------------------------------------|A|7-7-6-----7-------------------------------------------------------------|E|------9-----------------------------------------------------------------|
The above fits over these lines: EEE AAA Too much ocean, too much sea EEE C# A E It is no wonder that you buried me B C# A E B A (Hold ‘A’ into next verse) But its alright A E G E Rose Connally don’t go in the field A E G E You might find something underneath, underneath what is real Bridge: BB, F#F#, G#G# A E G E Now stop pulling an eyelash, only you that I have A E G E And it makes me so tired, and this could be the end Repeat chorus There’s a bunch of feedback and stuff for half a verse, then… Last half-verse: A E G E Now don’t call John Henry, just kiss him goodbye A E G E It don’t matter anyway, so simply goodbye Repeat chorus Second part of chorus repeats several times with different lyrics: 1 I didn’t get lonely dear, I didn’t have a chance to see, but its alright 2 You don’t have to say goodbye No! no But its alright And different lead breaks:
Rhythm gtr: E E E A A A E E Ee|------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|b10-10-8------------b10-10-8---8-10-10-10—-b10-10-8--------------7-10-7-|G|---------9-7-9-9-9-----------9----------------------9-7-9-9-9--9--------|D|------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------------------------------|
C# A E C# A E B Ae|------------------------7-----------------------------------------------|B|------10-----------10-----10--------------------------------------------|G|9-8-6----9-9-9-8-6----9-------------------------------------------------|D|------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------------------------------|
b = bend Last time round he’s just throttling the life out of the b string on the 16th fret with lots of bend! There we are then! Enjoy! Cheers Jay
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