The Handsome Family - The Snow White Diner chords

Snow white diner

Am GI am eating hash browns in the snow white diner.
F Emoutside cars are honking, flashing lights on the bridge.
F Em Amthey're pulling a car out from the bottom of the frozen lake.
Ga woman drove her saturn into the black water
F Emkilled herself and her two kids, strapped in the backseat.
F Em Amshe'd lost her job and did'nt want her kids to be poor.
G Fthe diner is noisy, black coffee and sugar, baskets of dinner rolls
Em Foutside the crowd is growing, waiting by the draw bridge.
Em Amhoping to see the dead ones face.
G FIn the booth next to me there are two old women eating liver and onions
Em Fand they're laughing to loud and banging the table top.
Em Ambut then i see that they're deaf.
I don't know why they're laughing,
G Fmaybe the worlds much nicer when you can't hear the cars
Am GThey make me feel better like i'm drunk on a plane
F Em Amand have forgotten i'm afraid to fly.
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