The Handsome Family - My Sisters Tiny Hands tab

There are some little stylistic riffs and whatnot, but I believe this is the main 
chord progression.  
I tried to line up the chord names with the respective syllables.  
Also, the chord progressions can seem physically awkward at times, but at tempo 
they sound right.   
If there's anything I screwed up, let me know.  Enjoy.

C                Dm      Am      G                 F    Em Am
We came in this world together, legs wrapped round each other,

   F                                 C         Bm  C   Am
My cheek against my sister's we were born like tangled vine

C              Dm     Am   G                       F  Em Am
We lived along the river where the black clouds never linger

    F                                      C       Bm C Am 
The sunlight spread like honey through my sister's tiny hands

C                 Dm      Am   G               F  Em   Am
But while picking sour apples, in the wild waving grasses

       F                    E   F  C      Bm C Am
Sister stumbled in a briar and was bitten by a snake


A     G   B          A                  G     E   D  E 
Every creature casts a shadow under the sun's golden fingers

Bm                                  A  C     G                Bm 
But when the sun sinks past the waving grass some shadows are dragged 


Verse 2:

C            Dm Am       G          F     Em  Am
Alone I took to drinking bottles of cheap whisky

    F                                E   F   C             Bm   C
And staggering through the backwoods killing snakes with a sharpened


C                 Dm       Am     G           F   Em  Am
But still I heard her laughing in the wild waving grasses

          F                                C       Bm   C    Am
Still her tiny hands went splashing at the river's sparkling shore

C            Dm        Am      G        F  Em  Am
So I took my rusty gas can and an old iron shovel

  F                                     C     Bm C    Am            
I set the woods to burning I choked the river up with stones

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