The Heavy – Short Change Hero tab ver. 2

First tab on here.
Love Strike Back Project Dawn and had to learn
to play the theme tune and didnt agree with the
other version on here.
Mine may not be spot on but close enough for
people to get the jist of what youre playing!

Basically as I can gather it seems to be just 3
chords and anyone who knows the song should work
out the rhythm pretty quickly.

Cm#  B  and  A

The below tab should be played quickly

Just grooves along like that all the way apart from the bridge part where you are basically using the Cm# with the A, until it builds back to the chorus where you throw the B into it on the way back to the Cm# I hope that makes sense. Sorry i cant be bothered to type all the words out. Good news someone already has so just learn my bit and sing their words! ;)
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