The Heavy – Short Change Hero chords ver. 4

The Heavy
Short Change Hero

!!! Capo on 4th fret !!!

Chords by ear. Sounds good to me. 
I play the song this way, in standard tuning. 

AmI can't see where you're comin' from
But I know just what you're runnin' from
G DAnd what matters thinkin' who's baddest but the
AmOnes who stop you falling from your ladder
AmWhen you feel like you're feeling now
And doin' things just to please your crowd
G DWhen I love you like the way I love you
AmAnd I suffer but I ain't gonna cut you 'cause
AmThis ain't no place for no hero
This ain't no place for no better man
G DThis ain't no place for no hero
AmTo go home
Dm AmAnd every time I close my eyes
Dm AmI think, I think about you inside
Dm AmAnd your mother givin' up on asking why
DmWhy you lie and you cheat
Am G7and you try to make a fool out of she
Have Fun =)!
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