The High Kings – Irish Pub Song chords

                         The High Kings - Irish Pub Song
Tabbed by: C0keman

Tuning: EADGBE


Dm F CWell you're walkin' through a city street, you could be in Peru
Dm C (Am)And you hear a distant calling and you know it's meant for you,
Dm F CThen you drop what you were doing and you join the merry mob,
Dm C DmAnd before you know just where you are, you're in an Irish pub.
Chorus --------
FThey've got one in Honolulu they've got one in Moscow too,
Dm C (Am)They got four of them in Sydney and a couple in Kathmandu.
Dm F CSo whether you sing or pull a pint you'll always have a job,
Dm C Dm'Cause wherever you go around the world you'll find an Irish pub.
Verse 2 (All verses are played the same) -------- Now that design is fairly simple and it usually works the same, You'll have "Razor Houghton" scoring in the Ireland - England game And you know your in an Irish pub the minute you're in the door, For a couple of boys with bodhrans will be murdering Christy Moore. (Chorus) Verse 3 -------- Now the owner is Norwegian and the manager comes from Cork, And the lad that's holding up the bar says 'Only Eejits Work' He was born and bred in Bolton but his mammy's from Kildare, And he's going to make his fortune soon and move to County Clare. (Chorus) Verse 4 -------- Now it's time for me to go I have to catch me train, So I'll leave ye sitting at the bar and face the wind and rain, For I'll have that pint you owe me, if I'm not gone on the dry, When we meet next week in Frankford in the fields of Athenry. (Chorus)
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