The Higher - Pace Yourself tab

this song actually has two guitars. not so noticable at first, but listen closely

chords at beginning are back and forth between these two:

1st guitar e---0- e---0-| B---0- B---0-| G---9- G---8-| D---9- D---9-| A---7- A---7-|XE----- XE-----|
then the 2nd guitar comes in after "..same key. over again. yeah..."
then goes up to:
and back to:
listen to the song and you'll see what im talking about. while the 1st guitar plays the first chord the entire time e---0- B---0- G---9- D---9- A---7- XE----- then for the end of the song, just hit each of the first two chords once and let it just keep going back and forth between the two. comments or questions? e-mail me: OR myspace me:
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