The Hissyfits - Giant Ants tab

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E:--------------------------------------|B:--------------------------------------|G:--------------------------------------|D:--5--3--2--5---(5)--------------------|A:--5--3--2--5---(5)--------------------|E:--3--1--0--3---(3)--------------------| ----PM------------------------------|
Just listen to it to figure out the strumming pattern. This is repeated twice, except the bit in the brackets which is only played at the end of the first time without being palm muted. Chorus:
This is pretty easy to play, just listen to figure out timing. After that it goes kinda crazy so that's as far as I get. But that's generally it. Much fun to play, nevertheless. And as far as I can tell, the bass tab is just:
Over and over again, but starts off with a slide at the beginning: 5/3 Enjoy.
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