The Hold Steady - Stay Positive tab

Stay Positive 
by the Hold Steady
Transcribed by Aaron Grando

The song is quite easy, a good crash course in using power chords if you're a beginner. 
Fun song to play and to sing along, too.

The whole song is played on a heavily overdriven electric. 
You should be able to get the timing and transitions very easily if you listen to the song.

D5 F#5 E5 A5 G#5

F#5 G#5	A5 E5 F5


D5 F#5 E5 A5 G#5

Post Chorus Verse - Crank the Flanger!
F#5 A5 D5 F#5 B5 F#5

End Lick---------------A-----0-2-0--E-0-2-------0
Order: Intro - Verse - Transition - Verse - Chorus - Post Chorus Verse - Chorus - End lick
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