The Hold Steady - How A Resurrection Really Feels tab

How A Resurrection Really Feels - The Hold Steady
album: Separation Sunday

tabbed by: Lewis Wilkie  

     Intro pt.1  	        intro pt.2 / Chorus
		   A   	       	    E    D5 A5
e|--------------0-|--------------0---------------------4----------| B|--------------2-|--------------0----------------------5---------| G|-----2-----2--2-|-----2-----2--1-----6-----4b-2--------4--6-----| x2 D|-2h4---2h4----2-|-2h4---2h4----2---4-6-7--------4/6-------6-4-5-| A|--------------0-|--------------2---4-4-7------------------4-4-5-| E|----------------|--------------0-------5----------------------7-|
A Her parents named her halleluiah, C#min7 the kids all called her holly. D if she scared you then she's sorry. F# she's been stranded at these parties. G# these parties they start lovely but they get druggy A and they get ugly and they get bloody.
[Intro pt.1] The priest just kinda laughed. the deacon caught a draft. she crashed into the easter mass [same as 1st verse] with her hair done up in broken glass. she was limping left on broken heels. when she said father can i tell your congregation [Riff] [Intro pt.1] how a resurrection really feels? [chorus] Holly was a hoodrat. now you finally know that. she's been disappeared for years. today she finally came back. she said: st. louis had enslaved me. i guess santa ana saved me. st. peter had me on the queue. [same as 1st verse] the st. paul saints they waved me through. I was all wrapped up in some video booth. when i heard her say i love you too. [riff] [intro pt.1] She said i've laid beneath my lovers but i've never gotten laid. some nites she felt protected. some nites she felt afraid. [same as chorus] she spent half last winter justa trying to get paid. from some guy she'd originally thought to be her saviour. they wrote her name in magic marks. on stopsigns and subway cars. [same as chorus] they got a mural up on e.13th. that said halleluiah rest in peace. halleluiah was a hoodrat. and now you finally know that. [same as chorus] she's been disappeared for years. today she finally came back. Walk on back. [chords from the chorus] walk on back. (or just solo on F# minor pent. scale) she said don't turn me on again. i'd probably just go and get myself all gone again. holly was a sexy mess. she looked strung out but experienced. so we all got kind of curious.
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