The Hold Steady - Cheyenne Sunrise chords

Artist: The Hold Steady
Song: Cheyenne Sunrise
Standard Tuning

Tabbed by: Johan Persson
This one was a little tricky, not completley sure about it especially 
"some kids are going off - we're fingering the punch bowl" part but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

C Em-E-Am  
G F-Fm
C Am G C 


C Em - E - AmWhen I left I wasn't thinking
G F - FmThat I wasn't coming home
CBut first Al Green
Am And then Barry White
G C Convinced me not to go
C Em - E - AmAnd I didn't come home for fighting
G F - FmI came to bandage up my hand
C AmAnd if you're gonna talk to me like that
G CThen I'll just go back out again
Dm AmWipe that chip right off your shoulder
F C - A We ain't getting any younger
Dm AmSome things are getting bigger
F FmSome things are falling off
C AmSome things they seem much harder
G CSome other things stay soft
C Em - E - Am We're tipping over in the taprooms
G F - FmWe're shooting through the ceiling
CWe're dying in the bathrooms
Am G CAnd we're living for that one sweet, fleeting feeling
C Em - E - AmI know my cough sounds awful
G F - Fm Some nights it hurts a bit to breathe
CBut I'm glad it's just my body
Am G CI do my business on the street
Dm AmWe ain't getting any younger
F Am - A Tomorrow night we'll be that much older
F FmSome kids are growing awkward
C (Here I'm not sure) Am And some kids are going off
GWe're fingering the punch bowl
CWe're feeding from the trough
Em-E-Am G F-Fm
C AmThere's nothing quite like a Cheyenne sunrise
G CTo make us has-beens feel too old
Dm AmOnward Christian soldiers
F C - AWe're gonna bash right through your borders
Dm AmI bet your next party gets sketchy
F FmI saw the new kids nodding off
C AmSome things are getting bigger
G CSome things are falling off
C AmSome things seem much harder
G AmSome other things stay soft
Comments and corrections welcome. Enjoy, Johan
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