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Reassemble: The Honorary Title

I am just posting this real quick so you at least have an idea.

The whole song is done through finger picking.  (Fp) Means to finger pick a postion

RIFF 1Hand Positions__(Am)____(Bm)________________________e-0--------------------------------| x2b-------------3-----3--3-----------|g---------------4--------4---------|D-2(slide)6------------------------|A----------------------------------|E-------------------3--------------|
after continue Play this riff twice. CHORUS (...Return to the cracked frame....) (Improvised by me) Any one with a better suggestion feel free to contact me. Hand Positions (Almost like Playing a weird Bar D but different) __(Am)____(Bm)_______________(Fp)__(Fp)____
e-0------------------------------------| x4b-------------3-----3--3------3---3----|g---------------4--------4----4---4----|D-2(slide)6-------------------5---5----|A-----------------------------2---0----|E-------------------3-------------3----|
Repeat Riff 1 for rest of the song except for Chorus. Which is basically the same Brian Anderson : )
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