The Honorary Title - Never Said tab

Song: Never Said
Artist: The Honorary Title
Album: Anything Else But the Truth (Bonus Edition)

Verse 1(Intro):E--0-2-3--0-----0-2-3---------|A--2------2-3-2-2-------------|D--2------2-----2-------------|g--0------0-----0-----3-2-----|b--0------0-----0-------------|e--0------0-----0-------------|
Verse 2: C7-B7-Em Verse 3: Em-G-Am-C Verse 1:
Verse 2: C7-B7-Em Verse 3: Em-G-Am-C Chorus: G-Am-C x1 G-Am-C-Am x2 Verse 3: Em-G-Am-C Coda (Humming part) Em-C-G-D x2 Outro Em Email me: if you have any comments.
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