The Hoosiers – Bumpy Ride chords ver. 2

Verse 1:
Bb F CmHow does it feel
Eb BbTo spit out sunny skies?
F Cm And do you believe it's for real?
Eb GmThat you've always got it right?
F CmWhen the words you had explode,
Eb GmAnd you swallow them up whole,
F CmNo you gotta let go let go,
Eb You'll love it when you let go.
Chorus 1:
Bb F CmIt's gonna be a bumpy ride
Eb BbBut it sure beats standing still.
F CmI know we can work it out,
Eb Gm And I've no doubt that we will.
F CmWhen it hurts more than it shows,
Eb GmIt's not the easiest of roads.
F CmNo it's never black and white,
EbAnd you can keep your happy life.
the chords continue the same progression throughout.
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