The Horrible Crowes – Cherry Blossom chords ver. 2

			     Cherry Blossoms - The Horrible Crowes
Tab and Arrangement by: Aaron Simpson 
(Largebehind )
Voicings by: Jack Cookson (Torn Asunder)

Tuning: EADGBe (Standard)
Intro: Tab below, but for those that know the rhythm, the chords are:
NB: The formatting on this keeps messing up, so forgive the messiness.

-B Octave -C# Octabe -Aadd9 -F#m7  -Asus2 (x2)

B C# Aadd9 F#m7 Asus2e|-------------------------------|-5--5-------------0-----------------|B|--0~----0~--------------0--0---|-5--5----2/5/2p0--0------------------|G|--4--4--4/-----6----4---6--6---|--x-x-------------2----------------|D|--x--x---------x--------7--7---|-4--4----0--------2----------------|A|--2--2-----2/--4--------0--0---|--0---------------------------------|E|-------------------------------|------------------------------------|
B C# Aadd9 F#m7 Asus2e|-------------------------------|--5--5------------0-----------------|B|--0~----0~-------------0--0----|-5--5----2/5/2p0--0----------------|G|--4--4--4/-----6----4---6--6---|--x-x-------------2-----------------|D|--x--x---------x--------7--7---|-4--4----0--------2-----------------|A|--2--2-----2/--4--------0--0---|--0---------------------------------|E|-------------------------------|------------------------------------|_________________________________________________________________So following that rhythm the rest of the song goes like this, for the verses use therhythms above, just use the chord names as markers. The chords in the chorus are playedun-arpeggiated, and as barre chords, whereas the chords in the bridge are too un-arpeggiated, although they are in the open form. BEFORE I get anyone criticising my tab for
having aC# chord rather than C#m, it's just used to symbolise the octave chord.
Verse 1:
B C# Aadd9I drive this car through the city every night
F#m7 Riff Asus2There's a quiet I never heard before
B C# Add9And lonely, my sister could not describe
F#m7 Riff Asus2All the good things gone wrong
Chorus Variant 1:
AAnd there was blood on my teeth
F#mFrom the long winter here
ABones broke in half
AA stain on my shirt
F#mFrom a couple hours out with the boys
EAnd all good things come to an end
B5 C#5 Bm(4)/AAnd all memory has left my bones
Interlude:F#m7 Riff Asus2 Verse 3:
B C# Aadd9If I drove straight off this bridge
F#m7 Riff Asus2Only God and my baby would know
B C# Aadd9I'm sure she'd be laughing, come during spring
F#m7 Riff Asus2With some fella who just said the right thing
Chorus Variant 2:
AAnd there was blood on my teeth
F#mFrom just what they did here
ABones broke in half
AA stain on my shirt
F#mFrom a couple hours out with the boys
EAnd all good things come to an end
Dsus4 F#mSee all I can do is think about you
Bm AAnd miss all your kisses like the spring
EBut if I had a sign
Dsus4That one day you'd be mine again, oh no
F#m Bm AIf I could hold you right then
EAs the chill in this season sputtered and spit and died with...
Chorus Variant 3:
ABlood on my teeth
F#mFrom just what they did here
ASnow tumbling down on the ground
F#mAnd me stumbling out of my heart
A (Diminuendo)Finding cherry blossoms on the hood of my car
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