The Horrors – Mirrors Image chords

I know this is very very rough but I just worked it out quickly by ear.

It basically follows the bass, I just wanted to be able to play it acoustically so
obviously it doesn't sound as good as it would with all the different harmonies the 
Horrors use!

Am Dm Cm Bm

Am DmIs it her way
Cm BmIs it the way she looks at you
Am DmSeeing her face
As you walk through
Cm BmThe crowded avenue
Am DmThat Sets you afire
Cm BmRemembering all you left behind
Am DmDon't fall back in line
Cm BmBetter You let her memory die
Am Bm
CmDraw strength
Bm AmWalk on into the night
BmBetter you try
CmTo pass her by
Bm AmWalk on into the night
and the chords fit the same for the 2nd verse and chorus. Any feedback would be appreciated!
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