The Horrors - Gloves tab

Standard Tuning
i looked at the tabs for this song and they all seemed wrong- this is how i play it:

Intro/Versee|-------------------------|B|-------------------------|G|9-9--7-7--11-11--9-9-0-9-|D|9-9--7-7--11-11--9-9-0-9-|A|7-7--5-5--9- 9---7-7-0-7-|E|---------------------0---|
it's hard to figure out this breakdown part becuase Josh seems to just make bunches of noiseBreakdowne|-----------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------|G|---9-------------------------------------|D|-7----9-(the noise around the 12th fret)-|A|-----------------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------------|
you can easily figure which riff is used where enjoy/comment/rate please tell me if anything's wrong --natasha
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