The Hush Sound – Carry Me Home tab

I can't seen to work out the intro chords i have worked out the note and rough shapes that's as close as it gets. But apart from that the chords fit really well. Please rate leave feedback. Enjoy :)E|----------|B|----------|G|--0----0--|D|--8----7--|A|--10---8--|E|----------| g* f*
g* Used to dream until I stopped writing fiction f* All right well that's not true g* Maybe it ended when I ended competition f* g c Because I'd always lose, always lose g My therapist could never classify conditions f Alright whats wrong already g My pharmacist had better fill up my prescriptions f g c Here just take two of these and call me in the morning (Chorus) f c Oh oh oh won't you carry me home g a# It's the last time in life that I'll ever try x2 g The streets were flooded and in the tides were pessimists f So I just dove right in I felt at home g I felt alive, I felt that I fit in ah g c So I'll just keep dreaming, dreaming (chorus 2) Interlude d c f Wait for the wind to blow c d Can't carry myself can't carry me home c d On my own will c f Can't let you go just yet c d Can't bury myself can't carry us both c f On my own will Pre-outro chorus chords = B// c // (Outro chorus)
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