The Icarus Account - So In Love chords version 2


Intro:  G D/F# Em Cadd9 2x


G D/F#Your hand it fits
EmPerfect in mine
Cadd9The world has stopped
GAnd so has time
D/F#Cause we're so in love
EmWe're so in love
Cadd9We're so in love
G D/F#Aaahooooh oooohh
Em Cadd9Aaahooooh oooohh
GCity lights cloudy skies
D/F#Slow dance in the rain
EmWon't forget how it sounds
Cadd9When you say my name
G D/F# Em Cadd9
G D/F#So we save the best
EmFor last tonight
Cadd9 GA simple hug and kiss goodnight
D/F# EmAs all of the angels sing our song
Cadd9 G D/F# Em Cadd9Heaven and earth join to sing along aaaahooonng
G D/F#And we're so in love
EmAnd we're so in love
Cadd9And we're so in love
G D/F#I'm turning the tables
EmI'm changing the time
Cadd9 GI'll do anything just to keep you mine
D/F# EmYou're one of the angels yeah it's true
Cadd9 G D/F# Em Cadd9I'm standing in heaven when I'm with you aaaahooooh
G D/F#We're so in love
EmWe're so in love
Cadd9We're so in love
G D/F#I love the way that you say my name
Em Cadd9I love the way that you hold my hand
G D/F#Like we're so in love
EmCause we're so in love
Cadd9 Yeah we're so in love
End on G
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