The Icarus Account - So In Love chords

C Cmaj7 Am Fmaj7

C Cmaj7 Your hand it fits
AmPerfect in mine
Fmaj7The world has stopped
CAnd so has time
Cmaj7Cause we're so in love
AmWe're so in love
Fmaj7We're so in love
C Cmaj7 Am Fmaj7Ooooh...
CCity lights cloudy skies
Cmaj7Slow dance in the rain
Am Fmaj7Won't forget how it sounds
C Cmaj7 Am Fmaj7 When you say my name
C Cmaj7So we save the best
AmFor last tonight
Fmaj7 CA simple hug and kiss goodnight
Cmaj7 AmAs all of the angels sing our song
Fmaj7 C Cmaj7 Am Fmaj7Heaven and earth join to sing along
C Cmaj7And we're so in love
AmAnd we're so in love
Fmaj7 CAnd we're so in love
Cmaj7I'm turning the tables
AmI'm changing the time
Fmaj7 CI'll do anything just to keep you mine
Cmaj7 AmYou're one of the angels yeah it's true
Fmaj7 C Cmaj7 Am Fmaj7I'm standing in heaven when I'm with you
C Cmaj7we're so in love
Amwe're so in love
Fmaj7 we're so in love
C Cmaj7I love the way that you say my name
Am Fmaj7I love the way that you hold my hand
C (hold) Cmaj7 (hold) Like we're so in love
Am (hold) Cause we're so in love
Fmaj7 (hold) Yeah we're so in love
(end on a C)
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