The Icicle Works – Stood Before Stpeter tab

Stood before saint peter – ian mcnabb / icicle works . from the album “blind”

The chord progression is F///G///Am///C/// , all the way through , it just goes quieter 
on the verse bits .

INTRO RIFF = double tracked + possibly with a harmoniser , something like this
chords   F  /  /  / G  /  /  / / Am  /  /  /   C  /  /  /  /

E -----------------------------------------------| B -----------------------------------------------| G 10-12-10-9--------------|----------------------| D -----------12-10-9------|------10--------------| A -------------------12-10|10-12----12-10--------| E ------------------------|---------------12-12--|
One octave up double part ( might be an octave pedal )
E 13-15-13-12----------------|----------------------| B ------------15-13-12-------|------13--------------| G ---------------------14-12-|12-14----14-12--------| D ---------------------------|---------------14-14--| A --------------------------------------------------| E --------------------------------------------------|
In the moment of my madness , in the presence of my shame, I stood before saint peter , naked and un-named Rain that fell with genius , wind that blew so cold Across the street where angels stood ,In colours bright and bold INTRO RIFF He said “son ,before I judge you, I have to make it clear” Your heartfelt prayers for heaven on earth don’t come to much up here Cos you still kill your brother, you watch your children die Two thousand years aint changed your ways , still you wonder why INTRO RIFF The eastside and the west side, with great distance in between Aparted by false values and a blindness seldom seen Theres murder in the city streets , bloodshed in the fields You take your lives so lightly , can you imagine how jesus feels INTRO RIFF Guitar solo – over same verse chords As I climbed the staircase , my suitcase in my hand The stars around me shone like jewels ,on a vast and promised land We never claim perfection , its hard enough to learn Heavens doors are open wide , the fires of hell still burn INTRO RIFF + guitar solo to fade
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