The Kills – Cheap And Cheerful tab

The Kills
"Cheap and Cheerful"
Midnight Boom

Tuning : B F# B E G# C#

firstly...the guitar plays muted strings along with the drums, it isnt done live but in
recording hotel uses a boss dd-3 set to really quick delay time and strums muted strings.

then.. for the first verse he just plays C#

C#--------------------------------------|G#--------------------------------------|E ------------------------------------| and so on..B ------------------------------------|F# -------------------------------------|B 14-14-14-14-14-14-14-14-14-14-14-14-|
then for "i want you to be crazy.."
C#----------------------------------------|G#----------------------------------------|E --------------------------------------| x2B --------------------------------------|F# ---------------------------------------|B 17-17----16-16----14------------------|
then hotel uses a second DD-3 set to quick delay and the feedback on full, and quickly either the open strings or muted strings again. This is the same technique used in URA (you can do this with any digital delay pedal, but lets face it..if youd like a digital pedal and youve got the cash..the DD-3 is probably the best) then for the next verse he keeps on the 14th on the lower B string.. listen to the song get the rhythm. Then for the "its alright to be mean".. its (/ = slide)
C#--------------------------------------|G#--------------------------------------|E ------------------------------------|B ------------------------------------|F# -------------------------------------|B 14/---12-14---12-14---12-14---------|
then it repeats the bit for "i want you to be crazy" but it keeps on the C# on the afterwards.
then..C#------------------------------------------|G#------------------------------------------|E ----------------------------------------|B ----------------------------------------|F# -----------------------------------------|B 0-14-0---0-14-0---0-14-0----0-14-151515-|
finally it ends by repeating the "i want you to be crazy" part..(with muted strings in background).. i think he uses a electro harmonix POG for some of the effects on the guitar and for tones. x
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