The Kills - Goodnight Bad Morning tab

Goodnight Bad Morning by The Kills
Midnight Boom, 2008

Tabbed by Thomas Buhler
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Standard Tuning (EADGBe)

Chords: (use picking pattern below)
F    - 133211
Bb   - x13331

INTRO: F Bb e|-1------|--------|--------|--------|B|-1------|--------|--------|--------|G|-2---2--|-----2--|-----3--|-----3--|D|-3-3---3|---3---3|---3---3|---3---3| (x4)A|-3------|--------|-1------|-1------|E|-1------|-1------|--------|--------|
VERSE 1: F Bb F Bb The speedís working, I see it in everyone F Bb F Bb Like a lost idea under light bulb sun F Bb F Bb Your eyes ready for take off melt in your head F Bb F Bb What a beautiful state we are in
BREAK: (play over INTRO, on piano + acoustic guitar)e|-----5--|--------|--------|-1---3--|B|--------|---1----|3-------|--------|G|--------|--------|--------|--------|D|--------|--------|--------|--------|A|--------|--------|--------|--------|E|--------|--------|--------|--------|
e|-----5--|--------|--------|--------|B|--------|---1----|3-------|--------|G|--------|--------|--------|--------|D|--------|--------|--------|--------| (x2)A|--------|--------|--------|--------|E|--------|--------|--------|--------|
VERSE 2: F Bb F Bb The jailors in my mind are all dead F Bb F Bb I love you so much, never forget F Bb F Bb All of our secrets are coming undone F Bb F Bb What a beautiful state we are in BREAK (x2) OUTRO: (play over BREAK) F Bb F Bb Goodnight, another bad morning F Bb F Bb Goodnight, another bad morning (x2) F Bb F Bb F Goodnight, goodnight, (another bad morning) (another bad morning) Bb F Bb F Bb F Bb Goodnight, goodnight, another bad morning (another bad morning) BREAK (including intro) x2 End on F
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