The Kills - Getting Down tab

			     GETTING DOWN - The Kills

Tabbed by: Filip Mesko
Email: filip DOT mesko AT gmail DOT com

Tuning: B F# B E G# C# (Tune to drop D and then tune everything three half-steps
	lower. This is to get a low, bassy tone which Jamie's got.)

Basically the song alternates between these two very low, bassy notes:
(Played in a couple of different ways throughout the song, but anything
sounds good. The notes are also played on the higher B string, especially
in the beginning.)

E D D EC# |-------|-------|-------|-------|G# |-------|-------|-------|-------|E |-------|-------|-------|-------|B |-------|-------|-------|-------|F# |-------|-------|-------|-------|B |---5---|---3---|---3---|---5---|
Alternatively you could play the (power) chords occationally (to spice things up):
E DC# |-------|-------|G# |-------|-------|E |-------|-------|B |---5---|---3---| F# |---5---|---3---|B |---5---|---3---|
The chorus is sung (possibly through a vocoder) but it sounds good to play it, too:
E D EC# |---------------|----------------|---------------|G# |---------------|----------------|---------------|E |---------------|----------------|---------------|B |-----------5~--|-----------3~---|-----------5~--|F# |---------------|----------------|---------------|B |---5-5-5-5-----|---3---3--------|---5-5-5-5-----|
E D EC# |---------------|----------------|---------------|G# |-----------8~--|-----------6~---|----------8~---|E |---------------|----------------|---------------|B |---5-5-5-5-----|---3---3--------|---5-5-5-5-----|F# |---------------|----------------|---------------|B |---------------|----------------|---------------|
That sublime acoustic note which is heard in the chorus after every E D E-sequence:
DC# |-------|G# |---6~--|E |-------|B |-------|F# |-------|B |-------|
Then, around 01:49, there is some sort of bridge which is basically G:
G G GC# |-------| |-------| |--------|G# |-------| |-------| |---11~--|E |-------| |-------| |--------|B |-------| AND/OR |---8---| AND/OR |--------|F# |-------| |---8---| |--------|B |---8---| |---8---| |--------|
Finally we've got that humming octave voice which is barely heard in the choruses (but very clear in the end):
E D EC# |---------|---------|---------|G# |---------|---------|---------|E |---------|---------|---------|B |-----5~--|-----3~--|-----5~--|F# |---------|---------|---------|B |---5-----|---3-----|---5-----|
Listen to the song to hear how and when to play. This song is very easy to add your own twists to so don't hesitate! I'm sure you'll be able to stitch it together. Good luck! Please e-mail or comment suggestions etc... | ^ bend | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ let ring | + harmonic | x Mute note ===============================================================================
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