The Kills – Future Starts Slow tab ver. 2

First time tabbing but I have studied how he plays this live several times and 
this is officially it!

DD-3 Pedal 50 delay time everything else 12 o'clock (volume up all the way)
A POG to lower octave like a bass

Intro (Played throughout song as well)

C# ----888---8----888---888-|G# -----------6-------------|E -------------------------|B -------------------------|F# -4b-----8----------8-----|B -------------8-----------|(Later in the song he bails on the last 3 notes take a listen)Also on that 4b...he bends it to make it sound like a 5 but you can just play a 5 if its too much for your fingers (beginner tip)
This is the verse part (fixed it from what I originally had)Note : he throws in mute notes every once and a while during the pausesC# --------------------------------------|G# --------------------------------------|E --------------------------------------|B --------------------------------------|F# --------------------------------------|B -12--------15----12----15----15-17-12-|
During the bridge "Theres a time for second best..." (Listen for the tempo cause im only putting it as one note each but its a rapid down stroke with the thumb until the switch) Sounds like some tremolo mixed with a second POG organ sound.
C# ------------------------|G# ------------------------|E ------------------------|B ------------------------|F# -5----8---------3-------|B -----------8------------| (repeat)
C# ------------------------------------------|G# ------------------------------------------|E -7--7-5-7--7-5-10--10-12-14-10-5-14-13-12-|B ------------------------------------------|F# -5555555555555-888888-10-12-8--3-12-10-10-|B ------------------------------------------|
Goes back to Intro
EndingC# -------------------------|G# -------------------------|E -------------------------|B -------------------------|F# -4b-4b-4b-4b-4b-4b-4b-4--|bB -------------------------| (repeat while drums are going)Alternate way to do this is to hit the low B string on the 12th fret
Thats it! Its a fun song to learn - Caleb M. Leave me comments for any questions
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