The King Blues – Mr Music Man tab

The King Blues-Mr. Music Man

Here is the bassline tabbed for guitar.

repeated for the whole song. note there are two guitars playing this one does the above other the same but does not play the 4th section of the bass line above, just repeats 2nd. Listen to the song to understand. The chords are played by itch on the ukulele, if you have one they are:
E|--0-0---1-1---0-0---1-1-|A|--1-1---1-1---1-1---1-1-|C|--0-0---2-2---0-0---2-2-|G|--2-2---3-3---2-2---3-3-| played through out song
for guitar:
|--1-1---1-1---1-1---1-1-||--1-1---3-3---1-1---3-3-||--2-2---3-3---2-2---3-3-||--3-3---3-3---3-3---3-3-||--3-3---1-1---3-3---1-1-||--1-1---1-1---1-1---1-1-| played through out song
this is basically it, there are some slight variations at the end of each verse, but are obvious from listening to the track. Have fun and please rate! cheers. We sit on the curb drinkin' our cans, Tryin' to blag it in to see the bands. We come here for this music tonight And we are gonna dance until the mornin' light. Nobody wanna be fussin' nah fightin', We just fillin' up the toilet wall with writin', We come for the sound that we know is true With a handful of weed and a brew. Mr. music man, sing it back to me, Mr. music man. Yeah. Mr. music man, sing it back to me, Mr. music man. The band they come and say that they no wanna play ska, Them a-wanna play emo 'cause that gonna go far. See them a-always followin' the new comin' trend, Them a-got no soul, them a-so shameless. And when the dust clear, you can be sure that I still be here skankin' in my porkpie hat Just a-drinkin' me brew an a-smokin' my grass. This ain't a t-shirt man, this is my heart. Mr. music man, sing it back to me, Mr. music man. Yeah. Mr. music man, sing it back to me, Mr. music man.
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