The King Khan Bbq Show - Waddlin Around chords

Hey-o! Picked this up by ear, it's really easy.
You should barre the intro, and the bit after the chorus.
What you do is take your pinky and put it on the fifth and tenth frets, b string, 
to get exactly the sound they do when they alternate G, G6 and C, C6.


G G6 G6 G G6 

C C6 C x 3

and then

G G6 G G6 G G6 G

(palm mute power chords for verses)
GWell you see her
C GWaddlin' around
C G C Waddlin' arooooooound
Em DWaddlin' around
GWaddlin; around
G G#
AWill she come back?
DI don't know
G COh baby
G C GOh baby won't you be my girl
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