The Knife - The Colouring Of Pigeons chords

Dm D# Northern forms existed in their
Bb Gm own homes Thowsand yellow cocoons
Gm GmUnder, over, through
Dm D# A few southern vegetable forms on the
Bb Gm mountains of Borneo
Gm GmUnder, over, through Donkey, peacock, Goose
... and on like this In the mouth of the river strange scene It is everything in flames The sky with lightning and the water, luminous A strange scene, it is under, over, through Six weeks old Henrietta smiled for the first time Tail, habits, proof, instinct that moves Emma saw him smile not only with lips but eyes Erasmus grab a spoon, Europe, hides wool Mr Peacock and Captain Beaufort, endemic, alpine groves Breadfruit, cinnamon, tunes Tonight it's blowing thick bodies of spray whirled across the bay Whatever might have been the cause of the retreat Columbia Livia, great ages through Course of days tumblers, Jacobin's [ The Knife Lyrics are found on ] Beak shapes, skeletal traits runts and carriers Wooden hexagonal cage, pouters and fantails Tail feathers at what age? (The delight of once again being home) Grey and white spotted (The delight of once again being home) Markings in making (The delight of once again being home) My great amusement Behind land house a gentle cooing Behind land house the offspring's moving Behind land house a gentle cooing The delight of once again being home ... enjoy Emanuele
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