The Kooks – Fa La La tab


This is the Full Song. this is the only tab for this song by the kooks.
enjoy it.

			    Fa La La - The Kooks
Tabbed by:matthiass

Tuning: Standard

Mmmmmmm.  Fmaj7 - G#7 - C

You're out there having fun
F      Em     G
And I need you
I'm alone with this song
F            Em
About being empty
 G       C
And the fear of missing out
   F             Em
It's hard to be alone
  G       C
Nineteen miles I've walked
F       Em   G    F
Up and down the hall

G - Am - C

      F - G#7 - C
Long hall

Oh god I miss my girl
 F                 Em - G
It's only been a night
I miss the last time
  F            Em - G
That we had a fight
Isn't it sad?
F                  Em - G
Won't you say it's bad?
I don't care and if I have to
I'll read your books
       Em         G         C
Cause they'll remind me of you
And I'll learn your notes
      Em     G
So that I have a clue
C                    F
And I'll watch your films
         Em   G                 C
So I'll know them through and through
                  F            Em  G      C
And I'll do the things that remind me of you
                  F       Em  G    C
And I'll wash my hair in your shampoo
And I'll buy your perfume
      Em     G         C
And spray it round my room
And I'll smoke your cigarettes
    Em      G      C
So that I'm dying too
And I'll call you up

F  Am C  G
Fa la la la

F  Am C  G
Fa la la la

F  Am C  G
Fa la la la

Oh G

      F - G - Am - C
Am I sane? F - G - Am - C
Am I sane? F - G - Am - CAm I sane?
F - G - Am - C X2 Mmmmmmm. F - G#7 - C End chord Matthias.
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