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     This is an interesting one. It's off of the "B-Sides & Demos" album.
The tuning is "open-D" and there is a capo on the 2nd fret (making
it open-E). Listen to the song and play along to master it! The intro is
a bit difficult to hear so just play what is shone, but at some open top
strings in there once in a while. I'll leave it up to you how you'd like to
throw in the hammer-ons/pull-offs too.


d|-7--4--5--2--2/4--5--2--0-------| |-0-2-(0)-0--------|A|-------------------------0------| |------4-(0)-2/4---|F#|-------------------------0-----| x2 then: |------------------|D|---------------------------0----| |------------------|A|----------------------------0---| |------------------|D|-----------------------------0--| |------------------|
First riff going into second verse: D|--0-2-4-0-| then go back into the verse then, play this riff: D|--5-4-2-0-| now go into the chorus! Chorus:
Now play the second half of the intro. Third Verse:
Repeat riff, and then chorus. Play a few open pull offs. Play the first part of the intro. / = slide up p = pull-off () = hard to decipher whether or not it's played. The Kooks////
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