The Kooks – In My Opinion chords

This is the first song that i upload. I hope that you like it. This is the not
first demo version this is from she moves in her own way single version...
Standart Tuning  Its a great song.. One of my favourite The Kooks song.

Chords used
Verse: A - C - Em - D use the tab that i wrote down
Bridge: A - C - Em - D (But with bar) with reggea rythm
Chorus: Em - C - D - A (but with bar) in this part rhtym is changing

A: e------------------------- C: e-----------------------------------| b------------2h3p2----- b -----------------------------------| g---------2-------------2-- g------------0---0h2p0-----0-------| d------2------------------- d-------2------------------2------| a---0----------------------- a---3-----------------------------| e-- ------------------------ e--------------------------------|
This is the intro But you play this til the bridge part. e---------------------------------------------------------------------------0-----2--| b------------2h3p2------------------------------------------------------0-----3------| g---------2-------------2 ---------------0---0h2p0-----0------0-----0-----2----------| d------2----------------------------2-------------------2----------2----2-----0------| a---0--------------------------3------------------------------------2----------------| e---------------------------------------------------------------------0--------------|
VERSE 1:!!Dont forget!! use the tab til bridge part
A C Emif only i could find
Da little piece of my mind
A C Emtake you out and we'd sit
Dbeneath the moon of what i think
A C Eminside of you, i do see
Dyou would love to be free
A C Emso take it now its your right
Dtheres no need to fight
BRIDGE: Use Barre chords
A C Em D take a piece of my heart for you, take a piece of my love for her
A C Em D take a piece of my heart for him, take a piece of my soul
CHORUS:Use barre chords
Em C i tried once again
A D to get my opinion up in their minds
Em their just far too blind
D taking all of me and put it in the bottom of the sea if they were right
Here comes the intro VERSE (same as)
A C Em Dif only you could find a little piece of your time
A C Emi take you to a club where they strip
Doh dont bite those sweet lips
A C Eminside of you i do see
Di know i know you dont want me to
A C Em Doh cause everything's sugard up sugard up more than it seems
A C Em D take a piece of my heart for you, take a piece of my love for her
A C Em D take a piece of my heart for him, take a piece of my soul
Em C A D i tried once again to get my opinions in their minds
they just dont have mine Em C
D want my wish my life, as they sold by my side, shaddowy stain
(Start to play the intro....If you cant play play like this) A - C - Em - D
A C Em D suddenly stays
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