The Kooks - When She Was Mine chords

This is my first tab. Im not sure about the B part. Hope you like it

Band: The Kooks
Song: When she was mine
Tuning: Standard (EADGBE)

Main riff:

Em |----------------------------||----------------------------||---------4--4-----------4--4| 4x|--2---2--2--2----2-2--2-2--2||--2---2--2--2----2-2--2-2--2||--0---0--0--0----0-0--0-0--0|
Em D EmI want you back
Em D EmCause, I need you back
Em D EmI miss you my lover babe
Em D EmAnd i need you here
B part
Am I found your love
Amto be the key
Am Am so wont you come and unlock me
Main riff (only the Em part) Verse Chorus
C AWhen she was mine
C AI was a different kind guy
C AI would spend time with her and her mother
C AYou might say that i loved her
when she was mine
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