The Kooks - Luby Lou tab

i dont think there is a tab on the net for this yet, i was watching them at t in the 
and think i got it right or close too

for the verse its
Bm x4 then G x4

but they got little bits hugh plays which i think below fits about right

Bm Ge--2------------3----2-3-2-3-2-3-7-7-----------------|b--3------------3------------------------------------|g--4--4-6-4-2---4------------------------------------|d--4------------5------------------------------------|a--2------------5------------------------------------|e--2------------3------------------------------------|
E Bm Ae--x------2-----0---------|b--x------3-----2---------|g--x------4-----2---------|d--2------4-----2---------|a--2------2-----x---------|e--0------2-----x---------|
outro it quiets down the kicks back in with a solo from hugh then with lyrics " oh luby, you took my love away, i gave you all, i gave you all...." this is
G D Bm Ae----10---10---7-----5-------|b----12---10---7-----5-------|g----12---11---7-----6-------|d----12---12---9-----7-------|a----10---12---9-----7-------|e----10---10---7-----5-------|
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