Paris Summer tab with lyrics by The Last Shadow Puppets - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

The Last Shadow Puppets – Paris Summer tab

Paris Summer Cover- The Last Shadow Puppets

Cover of Nancy Sinatra the Last Shadow Puppets did on their tour, including BBC Electric
The tab isn’t perfect but it gives u an idea. The chords are definitely correct. Any
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Verse Chords

Am                                                              Dm
Walking down some cobbled street..etc.
Em                                  Am
We lay and let our hearts take wings and fly across the Seine…..etc.

The Main Riff that is played between the Am and Dm chords- and straight after the chorus..|-----------------------||-----------------------||-----------------------||-----------------------||---------5-----------5-||--5-7-8----8-7-5-------|
The Riff played During the Em Am progression (after Am)
Chorus Chords Am Dm Am Oh Oh the Paris Summer
Chorus RiffAm|----------------||----------------||----------------||----------------||----------------||--5-5-5-7-8-8---|
Dm Am|---------------------------------------||---------------------------------------||---------------------------------------||---------------------------------------||--5-5-5-7-8-8-8---10-8-8-7----8-8-8--7-||---------------------------------------|
Thats pretty much it. Just repeat for different parts of the song. Hope you like it. by Jparkes.
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