The Lawrence Arms - Brickwall Views chords

The Lawrence Arms
Brickwall Views
Apathy And Exhaustion
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Key: E

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
E -    022100
B -    x24442
C#m -  x46654
A -    x02220
B/Eb - x698xx

Intro: A--

Verse 1:
E B/Eb A don't break too many hearts
E B/Eb A don't take too many arrows
C#min the chest. cry comfortably
E B let us all know what you're
C#m E B/Ebthinking is there a gesture
Ai could use to clearly
E B/Ebexpress i'm at an utter
A C#mloss for words? is there
B Aa part of you that's torn?
Ethat's larger than life?
Bthat will hold on for
C#mone more night?
Refrain 1:
A i've got a speech
B Ato make followed
B Aby a big parade
E A northside closed
C#m Beyes all charades
Ago on forever
E A hands tied with
fool's pride
C#m B in a slowly
Afleeing summer
Verse 2:
E just throw your
B/Ebhands up at the
A E B/Ebsky no use trying
A C#mto explain the
the clouds are
Bmirrors i'm
E B/Eb i'm not all
C#mthat entertaining
E B/Eb the city looks
A Ethe same until you
B/Ebnotice smaller
A C#mchanges it still
B Aknows us all by name
E it holds us
Bclose to its heart
C#m it holds us
Bclose to its heart
Refrain 2:
A all my hopes
Bare unaligned
A this diagnosis
B Ais self-designed
(Repeat Chorus) Bridge:
E B empty rooms don't have
C#m Apictures to talk to
E B brickwall views demand
C#m Auninspired afternoons
E B the days are flooding
A Einto months the nights
B C#mare staring into centuries
Verse 3:
A B i've got some
Eolder pictures
A B of people i
Esee once every
C#mcouple years
A intrigued
Bor unamazed
E "you were so much
C#mdifferent back
A Ain those days"
Verse 4:
E B and now this smile has
C#m Ea bitter curve and now
B Athese eyes are unenchanted
E B C#m and all we see is a faded
Aimage of what we used to
E B Abe how can we relate
Verse 5:
E B when we don't know
C#ma thing about each
A Eother anymore?
Bwhen we don't know
C#ma thing about each
A Eother anymore?
Bwhen we don't know
C#ma thing about each
A Eother anymore?
Bwhen we don't know
C#m A E B/Eb C#m Aeach other anymore?
E B/Eb C#m A Outro:
E B/Eb is there a gesture
C#mI could use to
B Aclearly express
Bi'm at an utter
E(hold)loss for words
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