The Like - So Ill Sit Here Waiting tab

With thanks to Sandra and some lovely people on The Like message board (El Ruben, 
and aboveaverage) for helping me out with this!

Song Name: (So I'll Sit Here) Waiting
Artist: The Like

This is my first tab so I hope you like it!
email any corrections/comments to, i would be more than happy 
get some feedback!
I haven't quite figured out the bridge-y bit in the middle! any musical geniuses want to 
me out? :p
See the Bass tab for this song for the bass solo, it's very well done.

INTRO (the best bit of the song!)e|--------------------------------------------|B|-----7---7----7----7---7----7----7----7-----|G|---7--7----6----6----5----5---6----6--------| x 4 (on the last time, missD|--------------------------------------------|out the last note)A|--------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------|
VERSE (strum gently, listen to the song to get the pattern, its quite easy) E E7 So i'll sit here waiting E7 A While the worlds will pass me, you can't help me E E7 E7 A Walk by me, I can't say a word, I'm helpless, can't help me Am You can't stop me now CHORUS E Cos I wanna be bad for you Bm You just lead the way, I'll follow E I don't wanna think it through Bm Never give a thought tomorrow
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