The Limp Twins – Bitter And Twisted chords

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Author: pazof
Tuning: Standard

Chords used:
D:   x00232
A:   002220
G:   320003
D9:  x5455x OR xx455x
D#9: x6566x OR xx566x

Tab Legend:
tilde (~) means slide

Listen closely to this incredible song for the exact chord changes and rhythm, 
but this is the main pattern followed. I am not 100% sure for some chords 
(especially that D#9).

Play order:
Verse 1
Verse 2

Intro: D  A  D  A  D  A  D (single string, let ring)

Verse 1:
DWell I need some time, to ease my mind,
D9and clear out the debris, you left behind
GI need some space, to hide my broken face,
D'cause all these cuts and bruises only time will erase, I
D9need sunglasses, to hide my eyes,
G Dto clear the tears, and then... I'm gonna
A Gneed the biggest bag of green you've ever seen,
A Dto help me smile again.
D D9-D9-D9~C#9When you left you took my smile with you,
G Dleft me on a lonely day, that's what I must live through
A G D A DI guess I'll get drunk, and play twister on my own.
Verse 2:
DFeel like a baker, with no oven,
D9since you took away your lovin'
GLike an honest politician or a vegan going fishin', I could
A Gthink of a dozen excuses, but the truth is i feel useless,
D A D D#9I'd listen to my records, but you took them as well.
(repeat chorus 2x) Ending:
A G D A D'Cause I see a bad moon on the rise.
Listen to this great piece of music to cheer you up on a sad rainy day :)
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