The Lips – Caged Inside chords

This is a CHORDS only song, from the punk band out of New Jersey. It's pretty simple, so 
enjoy, and please correct me if there are mistakes:)




(the song starts with the melody and chords below...the chords are the same  the whole 
song...just with a change in the melody.)

Verse 1:

D F C GThe taste, of your scars, is something I would only beg to hold once more.
Now let's begin, telling stories of our parents we never could ignore. So why should we run, from the enemy? Why should we run, from you and she? Chorus: Well if you gave me a ladder, gave me a ladder, I'd use it to build you something that matters. Verse 2: The smell of your skin, is something I would only beg to see once more. Here we are, tainted little angels, that won't try and score. So why should we run from an enemy? Why should we run, from you or she? (Chorus) So where we going? Where are we going on the run? (x2) (Chorus) (x4) --That's pretty much it. The hard part is singing the song being Laido's vocals are pretty intense on such an easy melody/guitar part. But have some fun guys!
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