The Littlest Man Band – Bad That Is Beautiful tab

As far as I could tell, this band didn't have any correct tabs. Anywhere.

This song is fingerpicked on an acoustic in standard tuning

MAIN RIFF: This is played for most of the song. Difficult at first, but you get the hang it after awhile.E|-------------------------------------------------------|B|----------------7----7---------------------------------|G|-4---6p4---4-----------9---------------4p0----------9--|D|-6-6----6---6---8----8-8-------2-----2-----2--4-6---9--|A|----7-----7--7----9-7-----9-7----3----------3-5-7------|E|-------------------------------5---5--5-----------0----|Repeat this through the intro and the verse until "practice makes perfect..."
The chords used here are: A C#m F# Am 0 4 2 0 2 5 2 1 2 6 3 2 2 6 4 2 0 4 4 0 X X 2 X Pluck the bottom note of the chord once then strum the rest of the chord twice, except the Am at the end. Listen to it to figure it out. A Practice makes perfect is what they all say C#m F# But no amount of practice will be able to stop you A Am From turning everything bad that is beautiful Back to the main riff until "smashing it to pieces..." A Smashing it to pieces may make you feel better C#m F# But no amount of smashing will be able to stop you A Am From feeling something bad that is beautiful For the skat part, keep playing the main riff for 8 measures (the song is in 6/8)
Then play the second half of the main riff for 8E|-------------------------|B|-------------------------|G|---------4p0----------9--|D|-2-----2-----2--4-6---9--|A|---3----------3-5-7------|E|-5---5--5-----------0----|
Then for the rest of the song repeatE|----------|B|----------|G|-------9--|D|-4-6---9--|A|-5-7------|E|-----0----|
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