The Living End - Table Top Show tab

 Table Top Show    -THE LIVING END-, cd,Hellbound.
 Tabbed by Michael Fryar ,


 Slide from 12thfret E to 2nd fret.
 E - E - F# - G (x6) - B~

Verse: E - E - F# - G (x8)
       A - A - B - C (x4)
       E - E - F# - G (x2)
       B - B - B - B - C
       E - E - F# - G (x2)
       B - B~
       B - B - B - C - B *repeat chords as many times as needed*

Chorus: E - G - A - C (x2) *strum chords as many times as needed*




Solo:*not entirly correct but a very close example**learn each section at a time*e---------------------:------------:-----------------------|b---9-----------------:------------:-----------------------|g---9--9~-9-7---------:---------7~-:-------------12-14~14~-|d---9---------9-7-----:-----7h9----:-------12-14-----------|a-7-7-------------9-7-:-7h9--------:-12-14-----------------|e---------------------:------------:-----------------------|
e-------------------------------------:---------------------------|b-------------------------------------:---9~9~---9~9~---9---------|g-10-10-10-10-10-10-10-10-10-10-10-10-:-7-9~9~-7-9~9~-7-9-7-------|d-------------------------------------:--------------------9-7----|a-------------------------------------:-----------------------9-7-|e-------------------------------------:---------------------------|.*like I said, it isnt all correct but a close example of the real solo.*
Bridge: A - C E - F# - G(x4) A - C - B - C - B *strum chords as many times as needed* Chorus Intro End on Em (do an open Em shape but only strum the E,A and D strings.) Tabbed by Michael Fryar,
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