The Living End – Blinded tab

Righty dokie skip, this sounds about right to me, but I'm not sure about the little 
bit that goes between.
This doesn't sound anything like the TLE version by the vibe it gives when I'm playing 
this way, this is a way mellow sounding one cos I don't own an electric guitar, so it's 
best played soft slow and mellow.


Is it impossible,
To have a life and realise,
It's not a lie?
Is it conceivable to carry on,
And get along, or is it wrong?

Is it acceptable to know a lie,
And hide behind an alibi?
Is it impossible to live without,
A single doubt, do you know how?

Justice in the corner seeking        5[--0-7-5-0-7-5-0-7-0-7-5-0-7-5-0-7
To revenge the ones that brought us

I can see it in your eyes
C                Em
Blinded but we're by your side
F                G
On and on it's only starting
C          G          F
  But I'm never gonna run

F                G
Sign me up for a place
I'll be on my way
 (or possibly the picky bit instead of Am, whatever tickles your fancy)
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