The Living End - Witch Doctor tab

Witch Doctor , The Living End, Tabbed by Mick Fryar manumick20@yahoo.comIntro: (bass does it twice first) e--------------------------------------| b--------------------------------------| g-------------------------6--7---------| d-----------5-----7-5-7-8---7----------| (x4) a-------5-6---6-5----------------------| e-3-5-6--------------------------------|then, G - G - intro(once) - G - G - intro(once)
Verse: A# - G - A# - C - D Intro( see above ok,every thing is there u need) Verse Chorus: E - B - C - G - B - B - C
Intro a couple of timesSolo:e-3-3-------|b-3-3-4~4---|g-4-4-4~4---|d-5-5-------|a-5-5-------|e-3-3-------|
Then after solo play a G as many times as needed. then you play
e-------------------|b-------------------|g-------------------|d---------3-5-3-3---|a-----3-5-----------|do that as many times as needed,then play that other bit of intro(see above)e-3-6---------------|
Verse Chorus Intro(just riff)(x2) G - G. Tabbed by Mick Fryar,
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