The Lonely Island – Like A Boss tab

The note values are above the staff.

W=whole note (4 counts)
E=eighth note (1/2 count)
S= sixteenth note (1/4 count)

The note names are below the staff.
The song is in the Key of Am.(so, no sharps or flats)

The eight measures tabbed are just the main riff repeated throughout the entire song.
150 bpm

Since the song is played on synthesizers there are some stuttery rhythms.
Therefore, the rhythms are as close as I could get.

W E E E E E E SSSS W W e|-------|------------------|------------|-----------------------|B|-------|------------------|------these-|-----------------------|G|-2-----|-----2-----2------|------two---|-----------------------|D|-------|-2-5---2-5---2222-|-0----are---|-0---------------------|A|-------|------------------|------tied--|-----------------------|E|-------|------------------|------------|-----------------------| A E G A E G A EEEE D D
W E E E E E E SSSS W We|-------|------------------|------------|-----------------------|B|-------|------------------|------------|-----------------------|G|-2-----|-----2-----2------|------------|-----------------------|D|-------|-2-5---2-5---2222-|-0----------|-2---------------------|A|-------|------------------|------------|-----------------------|E|-------|------------------|------------|-----------------------| A E G A E G A EEEE D E
Tabbed by Jon Dorsey
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