The Lovely Feathers – Wrong Choice tab

Left handed
I've put the tab for the intro up here as well, so these are just the chords that are 
underneath the riffs in the song. I can't find anything for this song anywhere on the 
so I decided to have a crack at it myself.

Around when the riff comes in at about 1:11 through the song, these chords play 

B#minor, F#minor, G

B#minor      F#minor   G
You made the wrong     choice

Then it carries on focusing on the bassline for the "open knives/your brain's on fire" 
until towards the end of that section.

What am I doin?
What am I doin?
What am I doin
On a country side?"

B#minor      F#minor   G
You made the wrong     choice (x4)

B#minor  G
Oh no,   Tears to drown us in

B#minor  G
Oh no,   Felt it down to it

B#minor  G
Oh no,   Fucked up but you felt me in

And I think the rest of it is in my tab version. I'm sure that's pretty accurate, but 
might be playing it in a different way to that. Hope that's helped someone somewhere!
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