The Low Anthem – Coal Mountain Lullaby chords

Left handed
Artist: The Low Anthem
Song: Coal Mountain Lullaby
Album: What The Crow Brings (2007)
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Intro: D A D A

D GmThe rip-rap will hold
D GThough the cold wind blows
D AAnd tomorrow we'll walk in the morning
D GmThe clouds they will clear
D GThere's nothing to fear
D A D D7And tomorrow we'll walk in the morning
G DAnd I have a promise for you
Bm F#m AAll your days you'll not go down in the ground
G DWhen you sing, I will sing
Bm GWhen you run, I will not judge you
D A DAnd you'll never have to go in the ground
D GmOne day we'll climb out
D GOf this coal mountain town
D APack the truck and head off to the ocean
D GmSleep now my child
D GAnd don't fear the wild wind
D A DTomorrow we'll walk in the morning
---------------------------------------- Feel free to add D7 --> G and A7 --> D wherever you like. Stress the upper three strings on Gm. Have fun.
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