The Low Life - Sheen tab

The Low Life is a pimpin' band and it sucks they broke up. But Sheen is a hot song, and
here is my rough tablature for it. i would imagine its not 100% accuracy, but its good

BASS INTRO: tabbed for guitar, sounds the same

|---------------------||---------------------||---------------------| repeats throughout the song|---------------------||-----1---3/5-3-3h5---||-1h3---3-----------1-|
CHORUS: chords (these 3 chords make up the entire song)
|--------1--||--6-----1--||--7--5--2--| repeated|--7--5--3--||--5--3--3--||--------1--|
the only thing i dont have is that riff in the intro, so you can figure it out if you really want it, if i fool around and get it, then i'll make a change...i think thats the whole song. so enjoy it. first song i tabbed myself and posted, wahoo! play it and play it loud!
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