The Low Life - Bag Of Money tab

This is the song Bag of Money from The Low Life. They're an awesome's a real
they broke up. Anyway, there was no tab up for Bag Of Money, so i decided to tab it out.
also the one who tabbed "Sheen" on this website...i just didn't include and contact 
Anyway, here it is:

Standard Tuning

Intro: Chords:

    Dmin     Amin	C	G

You should be able to fool around with these to find the fills, but here are Evan's parts Intro (Evan/Rhythm Guitar):
|-------1--------------------------3-3-------------||-----3----1----1h3p1---1----1-----3-3-------------||---2------2----------2------2-----0-0-------------||-0--------2--2--------------0---0-0-0-------------||--------------------------3---x-------------------||----------------------------------3-3-------------| D U
CHORUS: G C Dm F G C Dm F Let's leave our lives behind, a bag of money and the car's still runnin' G C Dm F G C Dm F no time for acting shy, losing time with the cop cars coming Dm Am C G take a plaaane to fly away-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay Dm Am C G Dm and i'll take a traaaain 'cause it leaves today-ay-ay-ay-ay G C Am Dm G Am------- i'm going away with the girl i robbed today and a bag of money A Bag of money!!! (end jam) Dm Am C (sometimes G) listen and you'll hear That's pretty much it. The chorus is the same everytime...the verse is the same and the ending jam is just the chords from the intro/verse, just listen for the rhythm. Any or comments, you can email me at Thanks a lot. Hope this is helpful. that funk alive!
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