The Maccabees – Wall Of Arms Acoustic chords

Left handed
This is the acoustic version which can be found here:

Thought I'd tab this as no one else seems to have and its a cracking song.
For the chords just pick them fairly quickly as Orlando does in the video.

Standard Tuning.


AmI woke up with a loved one's eyes upon me
Bm Am GLoved one's arms around me
Bm Am GOh...oh... She's my one and only
G AmI grew up in the bosom of my family
Bm Am GEight strong arms around me
Bm Am GOh...Oh... from the seed they've grown me
GAnd I thank those
AmThose who kept me company
Bm Am GThey are a wall of arms around me
Bm(let ring) Am (let ring) GOh... Oh... Its they who are my army
GAnd through these eyes
AmThere's no god above me
Bm Am GNo devil below me
GNo purgatory, no pearly gates
G AmThe worms are what await me
Am Bm Am GIt's only me that can forgive me and
G AmI have faith, oh...Oh...I have faith
Bm Am Goh...Oh...Oh I have faith
Am F#susBut In those who put up with me
e|--3-----2----0h2--3--2--0---|B|----------------------------|G|----------------------------|D|----------------------------|A|----------------------------| x2E|----------------------------|
(hammer on to)Am She’s my one and only
(hammer on to)Am If I’m the seed they’ve grown me
(hammer on to)Am They who are my Army
(hammer on to)Am The wall of arms around me
Am (slide onto…) Bm x4 and finish on Bm
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